IL Vision Exams: More Than A Requirement

School is out and summer is officially here!  In the midst of planning for summer vacations and various activities to keep the kids busy, it's never too early to think about eye exams for the whole family.  Especially if mandatory school vision forms need to be filled out, beat the rush and stress of frantic last minute eye exams and plan for it now.  Some parents ask why it's mandatory for Illinois kids to have a vision exam and there are good reasons why it's required (we will admit a bias here).  Especially today, where learning is through smart boards, computers, ipads and has become so visual, it's important that children see comfortably and well.  One of the barriers to learning is visual blur or discomfort.  Whether a child is near-sighted and can't see the board clearly, or perhaps far-sighted and is uncomfortable reading after 10 minutes, an eye examination can reveal the status of a child's vision.  Often, because children have nothing to compare with, they aren't aware of how they should be seeing or feeling when they use their eyes.  With an estimated 40% of learning through vision, we want to maximize the chances a child will succeed in school.  The earlier a condition is diagnosed, the earlier treatment can be initiated so that the road to excellent and comfortable vision can begin. Of course, there are other conditions that are important to rule out like lazy eyes, focusing issues, or even eye diseases.  However, an investment in an eye exam will pay dividends for your children in school, sports, and quality of life.  Because young eyes develop so rapidly, annual eye examinations are recommended to ensure optimal vision and comfort.  Consider scheduling an eye exam before August to beat the rush.


If you need a copy of the IL Eye Exam Form, please click the link below:

Illinois Eye Exam Form