Trombone Arms: The Presbyopia Problem

The dreaded "P" word that most people refuse to acknowledge because it is an age-related milestone.  It's one more sign that youth has fled and your eyes are aging.  Common complaints are reading fatigue or blur, "trombone arms" where you need to constantly move your arms back and forth, and sleepy eyes because you just can't keep your eyes open when you're reading.  But what exactly is going on?  The lens of the eye continues to enlarge and grow as we get older.  Around age 40, the lens becomes less flexible and is no longer able to accommodate like before.  Sometimes the effect is gradual, other times it can happen suddenly. But the end result is that viewing things up close is no longer comfortable or clear. So what can be done?  No solution is perfect but prescription reading glasses, progressive lens designs, and multifocal contact lenses are all methods that are commonly used to combat this ailment.  Acknowledgement is the brave first step.  After that, we can find a solution to help you adapt to this new reality.  No one likes change, especially age related changes, but let us provide you with sensible solutions so you can see comfortably and clearly at all distances.