2015: A New Year

2015-01-12 13.00.40
2015-01-12 13.00.40

A new year - a blank, white canvas.  As we begin to focus on the new year and make New Year's resolutions or add items to our bucket list, let us give you an eye care perspective of things you should consider for 2015:

  • if you're a mom who always puts herself last behind her children, don't forget to take care of yourself too by getting an eye exam and updating your glasses or contacts.  A new look for the new year!
  • if you have diabetes, as many people do, remember to schedule a comprehensive eye exam to assess the health of your eyes.  We still see too many patients who aren't being evaluated regularly.
  • contact lens users should have their eyes assessed every year to ensure long term comfort and health.  Plus new contact lens products are always becoming available - why stick with a contact lens you're not happy with?
  • the American Optometric Association recommends an eye exam for children at ages 1, 3 and before kindergarten.  School screenings can be helpful but don't replace an eye examination.  Let's remove any vision related barriers to learning by making sure our children are seeing comfortably and well.
  • if you're the typical male who thinks everything is fine with their eyes and you haven't had an eye exam in years, stop in for a eye exam and let's make sure you're right.
  • ipads, iphones, smart boards, tablets, computers...with the use of digital devices on the rise, there can be vision related side effects.  An eye exam can help provide a solution to eye strain and discomfort.

A brand new year is a great time to set goals and make plans  -  add vision to your list of things to take care of this year.  Our sight is precious.  Let's make sure your eyes are seeing well and are healthy.  Don't miss seeing a single thing this year.