New Product News: The Ultra

Not Ultraman, but a new contact lens from B+L called the Ultra.  We just received this lens in the office and the lens looks promising.  It is a soft contact lens that is monthly disposable and combines the properties of high oxygen, aspheric optics, and good pliability.  The Ultra also has moisture seal to help with dryness.  The bottom line for you is that the lens promotes good health, vision, and comfort.  If your current lens is missing any of these properties, perhaps this lens is worth looking into.  If you've never worn contact lenses, now is a great time to jump in and try them.  We have newer materials and a variety of replacement schedules that help contact lens users maintain better vision, health, and comfort than ever before.  Let us know if you'd like an exam to try this new addition to the contact lens world.  Allow us to help you decide if this is a good lens for you.