New Product News: 1 Day Acuvue Define

There has been a dearth in the development of colored contact lens technology.  But suddenly, in the past year, we have two new products.  The latest one is the 1 Day Acuvue Define.  It is a daily lens whose purpose isn't to change the color of your eyes but to define it.  Its more natural in appearance than previous colored contacts and comes in the following styles:  sparkle, shimmer, shine.  The 1 Day Acuvue Define is available for near-sighted or far-sighted prescriptions and has the highest level of UV protection, although sunglasses are still recommended. Use the following link for more details and to virtually see how the lenses can enhance your eye color:

1 Day Acuvue Define

If you were turned off of previous colored contacts because of their unnatural appearance or you've never considered them, now may be the time to give them a try.  Give our office a call if you're interested in seeing how they can enhance the color of your eyes.