Healthy Vision Tip #3: Know Your Family History

Its fascinating how the smallest detail or decision can change the big picture.  That one time you overslept or you didn't notice that your shoe was untied may have caused unforeseen consequences later on in the day.  The chromosomes that make up our genes are microscopic but they play a crucial role in how we develop.  Our genetics also have a role in understanding the risk for developing certain conditions.  The eyes are no different.  About 8% of men have color vision deficiency (or "color blindness") which is a trait passed on by family members.  If you have been diagnosed with color vision deficiency, you may be able to trace it to relatives who also have that condition.  It's important to know your family history of eye diseases so your eye doctor can understand your risk of developing that condition.

So raise your awareness by asking your family about eye diseases they may have been diagnosed with.  It may not be the most sparking conversation you'll ever have, but it'll give you insight about your risks.  Ignorance is not always bliss.