Spotlight On: Cataract Awareness Month

More than 22.3 million Americans have cataracts and it can effect all of us as we age.  You're probably aware of someone like your parents or grandparents whose vision has been impacted by this condition.  Basically, a cataract is a change in the lens of the eye which effects the image entering the lens.  The lens is no longer transparent and clear but becomes opaque.  You'll start to experience haziness and ghosting of your vision.  Bright light is needed for reading because letters become harder to focus and even a new glasses prescription becomes limited in the amount of clarity it can provide.

Risk factors include:

  • intense heat or long term exposure to UV rays
  • certain diseases like diabetes
  • long term steroid use
  • eye injuries
  • smoking

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness among older adults.  Take steps to minimize controllable risk factors and get comprehensive eye exams regularly to monitor any changes to the lens in your eyes.  We're available to help you through this season of your life.  Contact us if you need an assessment of potential cataracts with your eyes.