"Back To School" & Eye Exams

Some schools start as early as 2 weeks from now and you can hear the collective groans from kids as they realize summer break is almost over.  Of course, retail stores have been reminding us since early July and we should be grateful they didn't launch any Christmas displays yet.  Not only is this the time of year to get clothes and school supplies ready, it's also time to make sure your children are ready to learn by checking their eyes. 

Completing the IL school vision forms is important but the underlying purpose is to ensure that vision is not a barrier to education.  Students should be visually comfortable so that they don't need to struggle with headaches or eyestrain which can prevent them from learning effectively.  It's hard enough to get students to focus and be interested in the subject matter; let's make sure they aren't squinting because they can't figure out what's on the smartboard.

For our young patients, we have a resource which can help calm nerves about getting an eye exam.  Please click the link below to download your copy.  If you still need to check off "eye exam" from your "back to school" to-do list, please give us a call today.

Howard And The Amazing Eye Exam