My Eye Hurts... Who Should I See?

Is your eye red and watery?  Or maybe it's crusted shut when you wake up?  Perhaps one eye is light sensitive and painful?  Who should you see? 

With the proliferation of minute clinics, urgent care centers, and eye care clinics, it's not always easy to decide who you should see when your eyes are having problems.  We've had patients go to the ER or their primary physician only to see us for a second opinion because their issues were unresolved.

So who should you see?  In general, if it's eye related, it's best to see an eye doctor.  Not only because the eye is a specialized organ but because we have specific equipment and tests that can more accurately determine the exact cause of your symptoms. Sometimes a dilation is needed to figure out the underlying cause and only eye doctors are equipped to do this procedure.  Just like you would see a dermatologist for skin problems, consult with an optometrist if you're having eye related issues.  It can save you time and money if you see an eye expert first.

Please let us know if you need a consultation for your eye related problems.