Can you trust online eye exams?

So called "disruption" is happening in many industries.  Touted as convenient and innovative, we see the impacts everyday from Uber and Amazon.  We are now seeing eyeglass prescriptions being offered from Opternative and Warby-Parker.  They use software to generate a glasses prescription.  While advances in technology can be helpful, this new alternative to eye exams in its current form is a step backwards.

Setting aside the fact that we're not even sure how valid these online prescriptions are, getting a glasses prescription is just one component of an eye exam.  All the components of an exam are needed to make sure your prescription is the right one for you. Obtaining just the prescription is like getting just the oil change without making sure the rest of the car is running correctly.  What's the point of the oil change if the tires are getting bald and the timing belt is about to break?

While online prescription services are convenient, in this case, it's better to leave the phone or computer and spend some face time visiting the eye doctor for a complete eye exam.  Reality still beats virtual in this case. 

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