2017 Total Solar Eclipse

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is almost upon us and has generated a lot of interest and inquiries about solar eclipse sunwear.  In IL, the best viewing area is expected to be in Carbondale where Amtrak has already sold out special trips to the area.  Southwest airlines also has special flights for this event.  So there is a lot of hype out there for this event.

Our interest is in the safety of your eyes.  Standard sunglasses are not adequate.  Solar eclipse glasses are 100,000 times darker.  There are reports of counterfeit solar eclipse glasses so beware.  One place to look are those glasses approved by the American Astronomical Society.  Also look for ISO standard certifications which must meet standards.  Even though the sun is millions of mile away, it's rays are strong enough to damage your retina.  Solar retinopathy causes permanent damage to the central vision so it's imperative that you take steps to protect your eyes if you're planning on witnessing this event.  A pinhole projector is actually the safest way to watch the eclipse. 

If you're planning on watching the eclipse on August 21st , please plan on how you will view it safely.  Remember, unless it is a complete eclipse, you will need to use protection for your eyes.  Educate your children about never staring at the sun, not just for the eclipse.  This rare event is something everyone will enjoy but take steps so you can use your eyes to see the next one in 2024.